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George & Sedena Cappannelli, two of the countries leading corporate consultants and executive and personal coaches, and co-authors of Authenticity (Emmis Books, 2004) and Say Yes To Change (Walking Stick Press 2002). They are experts in the fields of organizational and individual change, motivation and performance and present talks and programs that are timely, informative, motivational & relevant to the real challenges facing today’s business, association, government and general public audiences.

Programs. These talks range from keynotes to half, full and multiple day sessions. The Cappannelli’s also create unique panels that combine their engaging opening talks with informed participation by leading experts, interactive dialogues and question and answer sessions. You will find their programs divided into General Audience & Business and Sales, Business and Sales Motivation, Women’s, Men’s, Seniors, Health & Wellness, & Travel & Adventure Topics. Their main messages apply to a wide range of industries and organizations both for profit and non-profit, in both the public and private sectors.

Unique Formats. These talks and programs offer a unique blend of information, audience interaction, questions and answers and a well of examples and case studies gathered from the work the Cappannelli’s do with some of the leading organizations in the world and the people who lead them. As a result, audiences are not only well-informed and motivated, they leave with practical tools and unique insights they can put to work immediately in their professional and personal lives.

Other Books - It’s About Time (Onlife Publishing, 2001), The Portable Self-Enhancement Program (Onlife Publishing, 2003)

Educational and Customized Support Materials. These talks and programs are supported by a number of excellent educational products - audio tapes, workbooks, e-based training tools, calendars, logo products and other unique and helpful follow-up support materials that can be customized to fit the specific themes of individual conferences and specific needs of different organizations.

Ongoing Consulting & Training Support. George & Sedena Cappannelli offer in depth consulting, training and coaching services. Their experience over the last twenty five years with a number of the leading Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies, national associations and non-profits, and the executives who lead them underlie the services –state-of-the-art research and analysis, strategic planning, organizational and cultural change programs, executive and team coaching and more. Their training programs also cover a wide range of topics including: leadership, sales motivation, team development, productivity and self management- communication emotional intelligence, diversity, creativity, stress reduction, and more. (For more information you can visit www.InformationandTraining.Com and www.AboutLifeInc.Com )

Main Messages

The Cappannelli’s are experts in the fields of organizational and individual change, motivation and performance – both individual and organizational. They empower, motivate and inspire their audiences through a series of programs that are highly interactive as well as informative. Their messages are appropriate for audiences ranging from Boards of Directors to line employees. Their in depth experience and unique insights have been gathered over the last 25 years spent working with some of the world’s leading organizations, the people who lead them, a number of world leaders and hundreds of thousands of people in the general public. Here are a few of the main messages they explore in a wide range of talks, programs, seminars as well as in their customized consulting and training services.

Finding value, purpose and meaning in the workplace and in private life. Whether running a multi-national, starting a new business, or setting a course for one’s personal life, the Cappannelli's believe that real and sustainable success begins and ends with a focus on finding greater purpose, meaning and value both at work and at home. To arrive at this level of authenticity there are some simple and powerful strategies every organization and every individual can follow. This is the territory explored in Authenticity and Say Yes To Change and the talks and programs that issue from the material in these books.

Change as an ally. In today’s complex business, political and societal environments, we face serious challenges, unprecedented risks and a remarkable number of opportunities. There are new roles to play and new rules to play by. In fact, in order to minimize our obstacles and take maximum advantage of our opportunities, we must learn to view change as opportunity not an obstruction, an ally not an adversary. The 25 Keys To Change that underlie Say Yes To Change, provide a easy to follow and valuable roadmap.

Enhancing Individual and Organizational Productivity, Performance and Profitability – To be at the top of an industry and to achieve peak performance requires effective use of time. And effective use of time requires an understanding of the difference between “psychological and chronological” time. Mastering this difference is the key to success in today’s complex world. This is the primary ground territory of It’s About Time and other books, talks and programs.

The Future Is Now. Creating a successful, profitable future is not a mystery. Indeed, the key to tomorrow’s the success for every organization and individual is to be found in understanding the practices, beliefs and cultural strategies present today. As Peter Drucker has suggested, “if you want to know the future” invent it. And that is the message of this series of very practical and powerful talks and programs.

Finding and Maintaining Balance. Three essential components – task, process and relationship – are interdependent and should be among the most important and critical points of focus for every organization and individual. Too much attention on any one or only two of these elements leaves the individual and organization vulnerable to a series of obstacles and issues that are often impossible to overcome. In fact, without learning how to find and maintain balance in these three critical areas it is impossible to achieve true profitability and high performance. Authenticity, Say Yes To Change, The Portable Self-Enhancement Program, and It’s About Time and support this theme.

Continual Learning - The Key To Top Performance.. Our ability to meet the complex demands of these very challenging times depends to a great extend on our willingness to learn new skills and to experiment with new professional and personal strategies. This lesson is supported by 25 years of experience in the field of individual and organizational change as well as work with a number of world leaders and high achievers in a wide range of fields. Authenticity and Say Yes To Change support this theme.

The Current Industries & Audiences They Serve

Their clients spans the gamut from aerospace to publishing, from consumer product and service industries to entertainment, high tech, travel, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and more. Their clients range from multi-national conglomerates and start ups, include for profit and non-profit, national associations and a wide range of high performance leaders and executives and hundreds of thousands of people in the general public. Some of their clients include: Disney, Boeing, PepsiCo, Sun MicroSystems, TRW, Honeywell, The Los Angeles Times, Oracle, Taco Bell, Avery Dennison, Space Systems Loral, Frito Lay, Digital/Compaq, Hughes Space and Communications, and many more. They also have extensive experience with a number of major government agencies and associations from NASA, NOAA, The Department of Defense, The U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, NOAA, American Nuclear Society, The US Post Office and The US Forest Service, NARM, IAHSSE and others. George Cappannelli has been a special advisor in both Presidential and US Senate Campaigns and has worked with a number of world leaders including: Desmond Tutu, Lech Wallesa, Mother Teresa, Golda Meir, The Dalai Lama.

Video & Audio Demonstration Materials:

George & Sedena Cappannelli have a full range of both video and audio demonstration tapes of talks given before live audiences. They also have a number of demonstration reels that include various local and national media interviews. And many of their talks are available in printed formats.

Web Sites:

You can learn more about the Cappannell’s at www.InformationandTraining.com, www.AboutLifeInc.Com, www.SayYesToChange.Com, www.agingconsciously.com. All web sites have Talks & Programs Buttons. Also look for individual and organizational Change IQ Tests at www.SayYesToChange.com and Individual and Organizational Authenticity Quotients at www.Authenticity.cc.



George and Sedena Cappannelli