A Brief Description of Authenticity & It's Parts

What is Authenticity?

A book for people who want greater meaning and purpose at work and at home, and for organizations who want to achieve real productivity and outstanding levels of performance.

If You Like:

the practicality and relevance of Stephen Covey,
the compassion of Wayne Dyer,
the celebration of individuality of F. Scott Peck,
the honesty and directness of Dr Phil,
the clarity and insight of Eckhart Tolle,
the prayerfulness of Marianne Williamson,
the self disclosure of Oriah Mountain Dreamer and
the universal spirit of Deepak Chopra

You are going to love Authenticity!

What Sets This Book Apart

In this world of deadlines and demands, of obsession with success and the acquisition of material possessions it is easy to get trapped in doing what we think we have to do or in what someone tells us we are supposed to do and miss what we are really here to do. Authenticity helps us to re-examine the beliefs and habits that may be limiting us and to rediscover what we can do with this remarkable gift called life. Here are ten things you will like about Authenticity.

  • Authenticity makes your life and career simple again. It reminds you that trying to live a life without meaning and purpose is a life trying to drive a car without gas.
  • Authenticity helps you build an organization that is more successful, more profitable and more sustainable.
  • Authenticity helps you to determine if you have lost touch with your sense of purpose in life, why it matters and where you can find it again.
  • Authenticity helps you to discover the kind of joy and inner peace you know it is your right as human beings to experience.
  • Authenticity is for those of us who sometimes feel that our life is a gift that we have not yet fully unwrapped. The ideas and recommendations offered in Authenticity allow you to learn to enjoy your present.
  • Authenticity has some terrific gifts for those of us who are in the second half of life and worry that the best part of our life may be over.
  • Authenticity invites you to re-examine what you believe and rediscover the kind of life you were born to live. It has special value for those of us who feel that no matter what we do in this time-bound, success-mad world, it never seems to be enough.
  • Authenticity makes some of life’s hard questions much simpler to answer and some of life’s challenges a whole lot easier to overcome.
  • Authenticity tells the truth about some of the real and sometimes hard things we all have to do to live a life that has genuine value.
  • Authenticity offers powerful techniques for accessing your inner peace and true wisdom.

A Little More About Authenticity

If you are interested in making the next part of your life the best part of your life, then you are on the right page at the right time. You may be someone who leads a large corporation, operates a small business, or perhaps is temporarily unemployed. You may be a full time mom or dad, a senior citizen, a member of a team at work or on a playing field, or a volunteer in your community. You may be responsible for the well being of your entire family, of a loved one, or you may simply be doing whatever you know how to do to deal with the many challenges that come up in your own life each day.

No matter what your level of responsibility or your role in the world, however, if you have opened this book, you probably have days on which you feel as though you are doing reasonably well and a number of others on which you question where you are going, why and if you have somehow stepped off the path and lost touch with your sense of direction and purpose. On these days you probably remember how easy it is in the topsy-turvy world to lose sight of what you value most - a life of real meaning and genuine satisfaction, the life, in fact, that you were born to live.

So we have written Authenticity
for you and others like us who have to deal with the crazy pace and the rising pressures of modern life. We have written it for those of us who sometimes find ourselves repeating the same mistakes over and over again at work, at home, and in the world at large - not out of laziness or ill will, but because with all of the stress and the dizzying pace, we do not seem to have the time and sometimes lack the skill needed to change some of the limiting beliefs we hold and the less than effective strategies we practice that prevent us from living truly engaged, rewarding lives.

Authenticity the is designed to help you determine if you have lost touch with your sense of meaning and purpose, why it matters and where to find it again. You will do this by learning how to move past those beliefs and life and career strategies that limit you, especially those that create some of the emotional drama that distracts you from experiencing the kind of joy and inner peace you know it is your right as a human being to experience.

So if you sometimes sense that your life is a gift that you have not yet fully unwrapped, the concepts and suggestions offered in these pages can help. If, from time to time, you lose touch with your sense of passion, clarity, energy or enthusiasm then this is a god place to begin finding it again. If you are in the second half of life and worry that the best part of your life may be over, then this book has some terrific gifts for you. If your dreams sometimes get tarnished in your interactions with this material driven world, if you want to raise your level of commitment to your purpose or if you do not want to squander any more of your precious opportunities, then we invite you to read on.
Your Part

We want to be clear right here at the beginning, that this is not one of those soft and fuzzy books that promise you the moon and suggest that you can have it effortlessly and immediately. In our experience, bringing greater meaning and purpose into our lives requires a good deal more than that. It requires a deep willingness to do a number of things differently - express more compassion and honesty for ourselves and others; examine our beliefs and replace those that no longer work; explore some of the challenging and disturbing topics we often avoid; eliminate some of our habitual behaviors; and, above all, practice some of the essential lessons and skills that we already know and are not now practicing and learn some of the lessons we did not learn in school, at church or even at home.

In short, finding greater meaning and purpose is a full time, but it is, after all your job because no one can live your life for you. It is also the job you were born to do. And so while we do not claim that the search is easy, we believe that it is the most valuable thing you can do. And what is perhaps even more important, we know that you have all of the courage and skill you need to get the job done. We also believe that you, like every other person on this Earth, have a unique gift to share that has never been shared before and never will be again in quite the same manner and that your gift can benefit all of us. So even if you do not yet know what your gift is or how to share it, please know that this book can serve you.

Our Part

In writing these pages we have done our best to avoid the kind of "chewing gum answers" and "feel good strategies" that tend to evaporate almost as soon as the page is turned or the speaker has left the podium. We have also done our best not to pull our punches or sugarcoat our message. Frankly, we think the world already has far too much polite and politically correct information that does not advance our lives one iota. As a result, we hope these words will motivate, prompt and, at times, even prod you into a more intimate and meaningful dialogue with yourself. For we believe that it is through this most important of all dialogues with yourself that you will discover the most direct path to the life you came here to lead.

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