The Search for Authenticity
A World Wide Survey conducted by George and Sedena Cappannelli,
for The Information and Training Company

The Search for Authenticity is an extension of the Cappannelli’s 20 years of coaching and consulting, interacting with a number of world leaders: Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Lech Walesa, Mother Teresa, Golda Meir, The Dalai Lama, Presidential Candidates Jerry Brown, the Clinton-Gore team, the Kerry-Edwards team. Their client history also includes leading organizations: Disney, PepsiCo, NASA, Boeing, Los Angeles Times, NOAA, Sun MicroSystems, and Oracle, to name a few, as well as with the people who lead them. Added to this list are the thousands of people in the general public who take part in their seminars and programs.

The Authenticity Survey target population is from large multi-nationals to start-ups, private sector companies to government agencies, non-profits, and individuals of all ages. From the survey, George and Sedena Cappannelli identified twelve characteristics that organizations must pay attention to if they want long-term profitability and success, and twelve qualities that individuals can develop for greater meaning and purpose in their lives.

Following each category are examples that individuals and organizations identified to demonstrate the qualities and characteristics they believe demonstrate authenticity.

Twelve Qualities That Contribute To Greater Authenticity In Organizations

Awareness of Social Responsibility

Understanding Long Term Needs Of Customers, Employees and Financial Stakeholders

Trust Within The Organization, Between Its Leaders and Employees and Its Customers

Honesty At All Levels Within The Organization and With The Public At Large

Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Nurturing of Ideas, New Practices, New Products & Services

Training and Investment In Employees

Innovation In Products, Services, Strategies and Technology

Commitment To Excellence In Quality and Customer Service

Investment In The Future

Teamwork Development

Yield On Investment In People, Resources and Products and Service


Respondents’ Examples Of Organizations That Demonstrate the Characteristics of Authenticity

Please note that the Cappannelli’s do not suggest that these organizations demonstrate all of the characteristics listed above. They do, however, believe these organizations serve as examples of how these characteristics contribute to greater meaning and purpose in our world.

American Express
Apple Computer
Ben & Jerry’s
Berkshire Hathaway
Dell Computers
British Petroleum
  Doctors Without Borders
Federal Express
Fidelity Investments
Johnson and Johnson
Natural Resources Defense Council
Northwest Mutual
Procter & Gamble
Southwest Airlines
The Ford Foundation
The McArthur Foundation
The U.S. Coast Guard

Twelve Qualities That Contribute To Greater Authenticity In Individuals









Caring and Courage




Respondents’ Examples Of Individuals that Demonstrate the Qualities of Authenticity

These individuals were identified by survey respondents from a list of categories ranging from the arts to technology. Please note that the Cappannelli’s do not suggest that these individuals demonstrate all of the qualities listed above. They do, however, believe these individuals serve as examples of how these qualities contribute to greater meaning and purpose in our world.

The Arts

Allen Ginsberg
Alvin Ailey
Arthur Miller
Frank Gheary
Frida Kahlo
Georgia O’Keefe
Herman Hesse
I.M. Pei
Isadora Duncan
Isaac Stern
Jose Saramago
Leonard Bernstein
Martha Graham
Maya Angelou
Norman Rockwell
Pablo Picasso
Paulo Solari
Rachel Carson
T.S. Eliot
Twyla Tharp
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Nelson Mandela
Golda Meir
Kofi Annan
Jimmy Carter
Rosa Parks
John McCain
Wayne Morse
Indira Gandhi
Harry Truman
Mahatma Gandhi
Chief Seattle
Ann Richards
Gloria Steinem
Ceasar Chavez
Susan Brown Miller
Eliot Richardson
Itzhak Rabin
Daniel Ellsberg
Thurgood Marshall
Winston Churchill


Annette Bening
Audrey Hepburn
Barbara Streisand
Ben Kingsley
Bob Hope
Denzel Washington
Diane Keaton
Ellen DeGeneres
George Carlin
Jack Lemmon
Jack Par
John Lennon

Katherine Hepburn
Lenny Bruce
Marion Anderson
Mr. Rogers
Oprah Winfrey
Paul Newman
Peter, Paul & Mary
Richard Gere
Robert Duval
Robert Redford
Robin Williams
Sean Penn
Sidney Poitier
Spencer Tracy
Susan Sarandon
Ted Dansen
Tim Robbins
Vanessa Redgrave
Victor Borge
Walt Disney
Whoopi Goldberg

Althea Gibson
Babe Ruth
Barry Sanders
Billie Jean King
Cal Ripkin
Gordie Howe
Herb Brooks
Howard Cosell
Jackie Robinson
Jim Thorpe
Joe DiMagio
Lance Armstrong
Marion Jones
Michael Jordan
Mohammad Ali
Peter Sampras
Roger Staubach
Sandy Koffax
Tiger Woods
Willie Mays

Al Roker
Anthony Lewis
Bill Moyers
Charles Kuralt
David Gergen
Edward R. Morrow
George Will
Katherine Graham
Maureen Dowd
Peter Jennings
Ted Koppel
Thomas Friedman
Walter Cronkite
William Safire


Andrew Weil
Bernie Siegel
Carl Sagan
Christian Bernard
Deepak Chopra
James Flemming

Dr. Jonas Salk
Dr. Susan Northrup
Jacque Cousteau
Jane Goodall
John Muir
Stephen Hawking

Billy Graham
Bishop Fulton Sheen
Daniel Berrigan
Desmond Tutu
Eli Weisel
Jack Kornfield
John Paul II
Martin Luther King
Mathew Fox
Pema Chodron
Robert Thurman
The Dalai Lama
Thich Nhat Hahn

Clare Booth Luce (Time)
Dave Thomas (Wendy’s)
Herb Kelleher (Southwest)
Jack Welsh (GE)
Kenneth Chenault (Am Ex)
Mary Kay (Mary Kay)
Michael Dell (Dell)
Sam Walton (Wal-Mart)
Steven Jobs (Apple)
Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway)

Your Contributions Please

If there are people or organizations you believe demonstrate Authenticity, please submit their names to us by clicking on this email link. Also if you have short stories about people or organizations who you believe demonstrate Authenticity and you would like to submit them or have a member of our staff interview you personally, please let us know.