About The Authors

George and Sedena Cappannelli, authors of Authenticity; Simple Strategies for Greater Meaning and Purpose At Work and At Home, and, Say Yes To Change; 25 Ways to Winning in Times of Transition, are business consultants, political advisors, executive/personal coaches, artists, established writers, and lecturers. Both are recognized globally as experts in the field of individual, organizational and cultural change. They combine twenty-five years of creativity, innovation and expertise helping individuals, organizations and communities redefine their vision, develop effective strategies, build strong teams, increase profitability and performance, and establish authenticity. Their client history includes some of the world’s most successful organizations: Boeing, NASA, Sun Microsystems, The Walt Disney Co., The LA Times, PepsiCo, TRW, The U.S. Navy, Hughes, Oracle, and Pacific Bell.

George and Sedena present corporate and public seminars based on their books – Authenticity; Say Yes To Change; It’s About Time; The Portable Self
Enhancement Program
, and “For The Love of Your Life”, a seminar for people who want to make the best of the 2nd half of their life. They are collaborating on
two self-empowerment books, Mastering The Games of Life and Lessons From Our Fathers and Mothers.

George Cappannelli: George serves as CEO of The Information & Training Company, which he founded in 1984. He’s an organizational consultant and executive coach to a number of leading Fortune 500 Companies, government agencies, national associations and the people who run them. He served as special advisor in presidential and U.S. Senate campaigns, and was the Founding Director of The International Integrity Foundation, working with world leaders including the Dalai Lama, Golda Meir, Desmond Tutu, Lech Walesa, and Mother Teresa. He’s an award winning sculptor, film and television producer/director. His authored works include It's About Time, a book on productivity; Old Stones & Promises, his current novel-in-progress is on art and transformation; and, “A Man Is…,” a play about men, for men and women.

Sedena Cappannelli: In addition to the consulting and training she does with The Information & Training Company, Sedena is the Founder and President of About Life, Inc., innovative corporate and public programs focusing on empowerment and renewal for women. Of Native American heritage, her programs and personal coaching strategies are based on a unique combination of Eastern and Native American practices, and contemporary alternative healing modalities. Sedena is a talented actress and spokesperson. She is the writer/producer of a television story concept series that focuses on personal and global change. She authored “The Portable Self-Enhancement Program” and a new children’s book, “Everything is Exactly The Way It Should Be”.


George & Sedena Cappannelli
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