Do you remember...

Do you remember…
When it was fun to daydream?
When playing meant being outside with other kids and not rooted in front of a TV or video game?
When kids could walk or ride their bikes anywhere and it was normal and safe?

Do you remember…
When you did not have to worry about strangers or next door neighbors?
When the world was full of possibilities and opportunities, not threats and dangers?

Ever wonder…
what happened to that way of life, to that kind of trust?
Ever miss it?

Do you remember…
when you believed that America was special;
that democracy meant that your voice mattered;
that we tookcare of our own citizens, took in people in need, protected the rights of others and shared our wealth and blessings with those less fortunate at home and around the world?

Ever wonder…
Where if we have stepped off the path?
Ever wanted to life that way of life again?

An idea worth remembering!
A book about your sense of direction again!
A way to live the life you were born to live!

Meaning, Value, Purpose, Truth


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