Do you remember...

Do you remember …
when companies had a real sense of responsibility for their people;
when public trust mean precisely that?

Do you remember…
when a pension and social security meant you would actually retire with enough money you could live on in your later years, years you had earned for a lifetime of hard work?

Do you remember…
when health care was a benefit and not something you paid extra for or the reason you stayed at an unsatisfying job?

Do you remember…
when doing a good job was something we all took pride in?
when quality and performance meant “Made in America”?
Is it too late?
Are these only fairy tales, nostalgic reflections of days gone by?
Maybe. Maybe not.
Maybe there is still time to lead authentic, meaningful lives; to leave behind a legacy of real value.

It’s a concept worth considering!
It’s a life worth living!
A movement whose time has come.

Meaning, Value, Purpose, Truth


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