The DNA of Authenticity
Authenticity; Simple Strategies for Greater Meaning and
Purpose at Work and at Home, by George and Sedena Cappannelli

In this world of deadlines and demands, of obsession with success, and the acquisition of material possessions, it is easy to get trapped in doing what we think we have to do or in what someone tells us we are supposed to do and miss what we are really here to do. Authenticity, the book and the concept, helps us to re-examine the beliefs and habits that may be limiting us and to rediscover what we can do with this remarkable gift called life.

• Authenticity makes your life and career simple again. It reminds you that trying to live a life without meaning and purpose is a life trying to drive a car without gas.

• Authenticity helps you to create a community that is more productive, more profitable and more sustainable.

• Authenticity helps you to determine if you have lost touch with your sense of purpose in life, why it matters, and where you can find it again.

• Authenticity helps you to discover the kind of joy and inner peace you know it is your right as human beings to experience.

• Authenticity is for those of us who sometimes feel that our life is a gift that we have not yet fully unwrapped. The ideas and recommendations offered in Authenticity allow you to learn to enjoy your present.

• Authenticity has some terrific gifts for those of us who are in the second half of life and worry that the best part of our life may be over.

• Authenticity invites you to re-examine what you believe and rediscover the kind of life you were born to live. It has special value for those of us who feel that no matter what we do in this time-bound, success-mad world, it never seems to be enough.

• Authenticity makes some of life’s hard questions much simpler to answer and some of life’s challenges a whole lot easier to overcome.

• Authenticity tells the truth about some of the real and sometimes hard things we all have to do to live a life that has genuine value.

• Authenticity offers powerful techniques for accessing your inner peace and true wisdom.

At this time in our history when so many of us are struggling to make sense out of the turmoil, and formulate a new vision for the future, it is critical to avoid looking for easy answers and magic bullet solutions. Living a life of meaning and purpose requires real commitment, patience and some old fashioned effort. It also requires genuine honesty with ourselves, a willingness to learn from our mistakes, empathy and compassion for ourselves and others, the courage to love even when we don’t want to, and above all, to live life fully. In the end, that is what authenticity is all about.


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