Some Endorsements From Book Sellers

“A real eye opening presentation. Great content, charismatic style, wonderful tie ins to other books and to learning in general and a very relevant topic to this time in our history, to the needs of our customers and to our own industry.”

Victor Assaro 
Barnes & Nobles, Scottsdale, AZ 

“I have hosted authors for over 16 years and give the Cappannelli’s the highest marks as guests in our store. George & Sedena are a pleasure to host. They present their book, Say Yes To Change, in a charming and engaging manner that encourages people who are undergoing transitions and changes in their lives to examine the choices they face. Their coaching techniques are presented in a clear and concise way without being glib or pedantic. The Cappannelli’s are a joy to work with, professional and friendly to the audience and true role models as partners.”

Judith Chandler 
Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, WA 

“We have a lot of signings and the chance to hear a lot of authors and I have to say that it is very rare to see customers who just happen to be in the store, stop and then sit down to listen to an author’s talk. George & Sedena’s audience almost doubled in size during their talk and what was really impressive, over half of the people there bought books.”

Jaime Ramirez 
Barnes & Nobles, Encino, CA 

“ I found George & Sedena Cappannelli so interesting and informative and the content of their talk so relevant I recommended them to the Executive Vice President of the company I worked with for 8 years before joining Barnes & Noble.”

Lynn Wiese 
Barnes & Noble, Tuscon, AZ 

“George & Sedena Cappannelli had a lot of appeal for our customers. They drew a larger crowd than we have had in a while and did a terrific job of introducing their book and the subject of change. The event was dynamic, entertaining and very much on target for the challenges our customers face in dealing with the changes going on in their lives. This is very good information and these authors know how to engage people. And we sold a lot of books.”

Carlos Diaz 
Borders Books & Music, Phoenix, AZ 


George & Sedena Cappannelli
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