Some Endorsements For Say Yes To Change

"In a world as technologically advanced as ours, it is easy to get overwhelmed by change. Yet change, as George & Sedena Cappannelli remind us in this book, is not only inevitable but valuable. The unique insights and practical tools they share with us can help us - as executive teams and as individuals to live more expansive, empowered and successful lives."

Brewster Shaw, Former Astronaut and Currently Boeing's 
Director of Manned Flight & Space Exploration 

"In these turbulent times we are all faced with dramatic changes. Our ability to accept change, to deal with it consciously and with the kind of optimism, positive attitude and confidence that George & Sedena Cappannelli discuss in this book may well be one of the most important abilities we can develop. That, of course, and our constant focus on love which in the end is the most important antidote we have against the fear that limits us."

Gerald Jampolski 
Author of Love Is Letting Go Of Fear 

"You hear a lot about change in corporate America these days. In boardrooms and coffee rooms people are aware that the pace of technology and the challenges of a global economic marketplace make incredible demands on us all. So no matter what your role or level of responsibility, the ideas and suggestions for dealing with change that George & Sedena present in this book can make a real difference in your life - both professional and personal - by helping you to make change one of your best allies."

Cody Plott, President, 
Pebble Beach Resort 


George & Sedena Cappannelli
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