About The Book - Continued

How Else Can You Take Advantage Of This Book?

Give yourself time to digest some of the ideas, wrestle with some of the larger and more controversial subject we explore. We also recommend that you do more than read the recommendations. We suggest you actually experiment with them for this is life changing, bedrock stuff.

We also want you to know that while maximum value can be gained by reading the chapters in order, this material can also be read in any order. Just consult the table of contents and then turn to whatever chapter strikes your fancy or most applies to a current challenge. You can also use Authenticity as a source of guidance by randomly opening the book and utilizing that topic or one of the daily reflections as a theme for practice that day.

Authenticity also combines the masculine and feminine points of view, a combination we often find lacking in this world in which the genders often stand on opposite sides of so many lines. Indeed, this is one of the reasons we have come together in marriage and why we have chosen to work jointly on a series of books. In short, we believe that learning and honor both the male and female aspects is one of the greatest challenges in these times offers.

Finally, we have done our best to deal with some of life's more controversial topics - what we call the "Thorny Myths That Block Authenticity" - like love, death, personal addiction, original sin and God. Since these are sensitive as well as thorny issues, you may find that our exploration of some of them disturbs you. We appreciate this possibility and ask that you explore them with us that you remember that we do not claim to have an exclusive corner on truth, nor do we believe that all of life's mysteries can be approached directly or rationally. In fact, we find that trying to muscle life's mysteries open with reason or logic alone often has the opposite effect. So in addition to the practical suggestions offered here and with the utmost respect for your beliefs, we have tried to use some images and concepts that are designed to assist you in allowing aspects of the mystery to disclose themselves to you in less direct ways.

We dedicate Authenticity to you and trust that you will find it useful and inspiring book about some shifts in perception, belief and behavior you can experiment with to bring greater meaning and purpose into your life.

George & Sedena Cappannelli