50 Ways To Improve Your Authenticy Quotient
How To live a more authentic life at work and at home

1   Do what you do each day as if it were the most important thing you will ever do
2   Learn to love yourself, what you do, and who you do it with a little
     more every day
3   Follow your passion and the promptings of your heart with courage
     and commitment
4   Trust in your Higher Power or spiritual connection
5   Exercise your creativity in all that you do
6   Trust yourself and others
7   Seek to leave each circumstance and person better than when you
     encountered them
8   Laugh more often… and out loud
9   Play more - with your children, friends, family, co-workers and yourself
10   Seek each day to be of genuine service to others and to yourself
11   Learn to celebrate your mistakes as well as your successes
12   Express genuine empathy and concern for others often
13   Compliment and acknowledge others and yourself each day
14   Say yes to life, to new experiences and new challenges
15   Be as compassionate toward yourself as you are inclined to be toward others
16   Champion and demonstrate open and honest communication
17   Look for the primary lessons in everything you do
18   Speak your truth clearly with heart and conviction
19   Lead by example in thought, word, and action
20   Look for things to celebrate everyday in all aspects of your life
21   Practice forgiveness for others and yourself
22   Take a lot more risks
23   Learn to listen to others and to yourself
24   Stop procrastinating about the things that matter to you
25   Turn toward, not away from the things that scare you
26   Develop greater self awareness and discipline
27   Seek to understand, not to defend
28   Be generous – with your time, your ideas, your energy, your resources
29   Seek alignment with your truth above acceptance by others
30   Learn the difference between knowing and believing
31   Replace ignorance with wisdom and injustice with kindness and truth
32   Mentor others whenever possible
33   Give generously without fear of consequences or expectation of reward
34   Support vulnerable beginnings – ideas, efforts, risks
35   Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable
36   Spend time in silence and self communion every day
37   Contribute to the well being of your community
38   Experiment with new behaviors and ideas often
39   Honor the earth and all life forms
40   Stay in touch with your vulnerability
41   Commit random acts of kindness and generosity… anonymously
42   Practice all things with a beginners mind
43   Share what you know generously, and admit what you do not know easily
44   Live life fully in the present moment
45   Pay attention to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.
46   Express your love more frequently and fully
47   Be grateful for every opportunity, experience, object and person in your life
48   View life as a school from which you never graduate
49   Trust in the goodness of life
50   Live each day as if it were your last day on earth


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